Artist - Aimée Leone

Aimée Leone is a member of Sanders & King’s We ’73 Band and has recently put out her first solo single “A Winter Solace.”

Aimée is married to Will Sanders (The Sanders half of Sanders & King), fondly known to him as his Angel Wife.

Aimée is a freelance writer and speaker. Her work has been published in academic and Christian outlets. She penned “A Winter Solace” many years ago and was happy to share it once her husband put it to music.

 Aimée has done backup on a few of the band’s singles and also recently put out a duet with her husband Will called “Archangel,” that includes a verse in her much-loved French language.

Aimée loves to travel with her husband but is a homebody at heart who spends the month of December baking Christmas cookies to give to those she loves and to spread a little kindness in the world.