About Us

We ’73 Records was founded by Will Sanders & Paul King along with a small group of investors who saw a problem for Independent Artists trying to make it in the music industry.
It used to be that when a label wanted to represent an independent artist they would approach that artist because they saw something in the music and were willing to put an investment into a product they could market to make money for both the artist and their backers.
Today every Tom , Dick, and Harry who thinks they know something about music and has a computer wants to start a record label but wants the artists to come up with the dough to make the investment into the music. If an artist can come up with a few grand to market their music then why would they need a label in the first place?
This is not rocket science. It’s simple math.

The problem is that very few Independent Artists have the cash available to market their music. It’s not cheap paying for the amount of advertising it take to get you noticed. With over 40 million songs a day being released on Spotify alone you better have deep pockets to get your song noticed!

And that’s where We 73 Records comes in.
As Will Sanders is fond of saying “If a Record company is asking you for an upfront fee to sign you – They aren’t interested in your career or your success they’re interested in their own.”
We will invest in an Artist if we think their product will make money.