How it Works

Relatively speaking, We ’73 Records is a small-to-medium-sized label. We get independent artists noticed. Our goal is to have you hooked up with a major label within 5 years. We don’t compete with the major labels we we get you ready to make the jump.

We ’73 Records will send you an invitation by one of two methods.

First, we listen to new artists daily on all of the major music platforms. If we find something we like, we will either send an invitation to join our roster or, if we have no current openings, we’ll invite you to join one of the playlists we market for independent artists. If we invite you to join our roster, a contract would need to be signed before we invest in your music. If we invite you to one of our playlists, all we ask is you give that playlist a link on your social media. We will follow your track to see how well it performs, and when we have an opening on the roster, we will send you an invitation to join We ’73 Records.

Second, you can send us a demo of your track. (See our “Send us Information” page). We will give your demo a spin and get back to you if we like what we hear.

It’s that simple.

You are probably by now asking, “How does We ’73 Records make money if they don’t charge an upfront fee?”

We get our return on investment (ROI) from the royalties we produce by marketing your music. So if you don’t make money, we don’t make money. We take all of the risk. The artists has no capital outlay.

Of course, we have a contract for that outlay and it includes the following:

  1. We will not work with artists who do not have competent management. We do not manage an artist’s career. We invest in the music product. We can get you in touch with a trusted manager with whom we work. We do what we do best–and that is, getting your track out to the public. Adrienne Manson, a manager with whom we work and highly recommend can be found at She is the owner of The Fierce Female Network.

  2. We distribute all music through SoundCloud. We can only pay royalties to our roster through PayPal. So, obviously, you’ll need a PayPal account if you haven’t  set one up already.

  3. We ’73 Records retains the rights to all masters, so you can only distribute them through us.
  4. You will be required to sign a contract with a specific buy-out clause that gives us the exclusive rights to your music publication and distribution.
  5. The fees we charge against Royalties are as follows –

          We ’73 Records – 35%

          Lyricist (artist) – 25%

          Composer (s) (artist) – 25%

          Main Artists (Lead Singer) (artist)  – 7%

          Musicians & Backup Singers (artist) – 5%

          Audio Production (Includes Mastering) (artist or We ’73 Records) – 1%

          Music Producer (We ’73 Records) – 1 %

          Social Media Content Producer (We ’73 Records) – 1%

  1. We do not barter over percentages. These are fixed costs for our capital outlay.
  2. You will have a stated buy-out clause in your contract.
  3. We ’73 Records will have exclusive rights to determine which platforms are best suited for distribution.
  4. We ’73 Records will have exclusive rights to determine delivery method of your tracks (digital or otherwise).
  5. If you leave We ’73 Records without satisfying your buy-out clause, you give up all rights to We ’73 Records for the music that was distributed by our company.
  6. As a signed artist, you will follow all restrictions on public behavior as defined in your contract. In short, we are a family-friendly label.
  7. Any disputes over the contract will be settled by arbitration under the laws of the state of Florida, U.S.A.